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What We Do

Awesome Finders of Awesome

We here at the Awesome are finding the best of what’s Awesome on the internet. Call us curators, call us internet slackers, call us The Queens of Awesome, but just visit us and our blog daily. It’s a requirement for existence in the Land of Awesome.

Most of what we curate is made or photographed by other Awesome people, and we ALWAYS credit where we found the Awesome. Most times, the people who create the Awesome we share love that we’re spreading the word on their “art.” If we’ve posted something you’ve created and you don’t want us to share it, no problemo, dude. Just let us know with your nice words that you want it removed, and we’ll remove it.

If you have suggestions for something Awesome, let us know. It will get you a link back to your site and a virtual hump.


We are PR-friendly when that means we make money and or get free stuff. We like free stuff, you like exposure.

Catching the attention of target audiences online and off is becoming a harder challenge with each launch of a new realm of media. We are here to cut through the BS with you to help get noticed.

Ads And Affiliates

We have to make money, too, yo. We host ads on We Know Awesome and we use affiliate links in our posts.

If you’re an advertiser and you’d like your ad featured on We Know Awesome, contact us with your ideas.

Because we know Awesome, and it cannot be contained.

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