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[amazon_link id=”B000083C6V” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Peter and Lois Griffin’s[/amazon_link] safe word is “bananas.” I can’t say I’d let Peter Griffin close enough to me to be in a situation where we’d be using safe words, but there are some fictional men with whom I’d never ever use my safe word. I’d let him loose on me […]

In an upcoming interview with 60 Minutes, Lady Gaga says that when she is with someone in bed they call her “Stefani” and not by her stage name, since that would freak her out. I think the most surprising part of this story to me is that she has sex in a bed. Surely a […]

You know you wanna look at a millepede’s gonopod. GROSS! Millipedes have been recently discovered to have the sex with their legs. Think of it as Kama Sutra combined with evolution mixed in with WHAT THE EFF? … helminthomorph millipedes have one or two pairs of legs that also serve as sex appendages, called gonopods, […]

  Source:  Graph Jam