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Everyone loves a brown-noser, or at least that’s what the Republicans are hoping when Romney named Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. Named by his high school senior class of 1988 as “Biggest Brown-Noser,” Prom King Ryan knows his way around a proper suck-up. With the school year starting back up around the country, […]

I call them little tastes of Sweet Swaddled Baby Jeesus in a Manger, or you may call them Pigs in a Blanket. Whatever you want to call them, there is an actual Pigs in a Blanket maker and it needs to be on my kitchen counter. Plus, it’s on sale for only $5 today. FIVE […]

Can bacon really go too far? Like a bacon tie? Or a bacon koozie? Or bacon wrapping paper? Hell-to-the-NO, bacon cannot go too far. Happy Father’s Day, bacon lovers. This is your Christmas. Perpetual Kid

What’s a better excuse to shop than using a Leprechaun as a scapegoat for your spending habits? Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and happy shopping! [More Awesome coupons and discounts found here.] Perpetual Kid Free Shipping on orders $30+ (expires 3/18/2012) with Coupon Code GREEN Old Navy Old Navy Earn $10 in Super Cash momAgenda 50% […]