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Really, I’m not sure whether to laugh or throw a robe at this photo of a naked pregnant couple. Or both. Or even if this is safe for work or if it would get you in trouble for looking at it. Or is this the pregnant man? I’m so confused while I laugh my ass […]

Ladies & Gents, Take this reminder to DELETE THE NAKED PICTURES ON YOUR PHONES AND/OR COMPUTERS. Love & kisses, Angie image via everywhere on the internet, refreshed by We Know Awesome

And on the 8th day, Baby Jeebus created the naked farmer who hay bails himself. (No, you don’t see weenis but you do see a full moon, so this is semi-safe for work.) via Patrick¬†and we wonder how he finds these.

It’s that totally awkward moment when… . . . . . your friend’s fat arm makes you look naked. image source unknown via Awesome friend, Ashley