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I can pretty much guarantee with my whole heart that she won’t have one of these cute-kitschy bags, so you can thank me for this gift idea when she freaks out at how much she loves what you gave her.

I have a feeling that if I wear any of these skull sweaters to the next PTA meeting, I might be asked to not attend the next. Which is exactly my plan.

If I were an artsy fartsy kinda girl, this color wheel necklace would be around my neck.

Retro = All The Rage (see: New Girl, Karmin, Emma Pillsbury) ModCloth has all the retro chic a modern retro girl needs with the ModCloth As You Wish Sale. Get your woman or girl or girlfriend or chic mom some pretty retro-like accessories for her. You’ll thank me later for the idea. The Berry Thought […]