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Kiddie Beer Pong because kids love drinking games. Source: FAILBlog

Look, Ma! The kids made dinner! Look, Ma! Your kids are gross. via IMGUR

It’s never too early to prepare the kids for college. Counting Moo Go around the table counting, starting with the number one. Whenever you go to an even number, say “Moo.” For example, “one, moo, three, moo, five, moo…” Anyone who misses a “Moo” or a correct number must take a sip of milk and […]

Apparently, these bikes are all the rage with the under 5 these days. If you missed out on this Kids.Woot deal, sorry Chuck. You could get one on Amazon. Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle with Removable CanopySo Larry, I don’t mean to shoot down your creativity, but… that all-kid version of The Prisoner? Probably won’t get funded. $59.99 + $5 shipping