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Whores, especially, deserve to be treated with class and elegance. via Geek Details on etsy

For when you want to tell your special Dom that you’re accepting all of their rules, give them the un-Hallmark card that says it all in 2 words. I’m yours. Now I feel like yelling to no one in particular, “[amazon_link id=”B001AQT0Z4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]BRING OUT THE GIMP![/amazon_link]” available from maybeyoushoulddie on Etsy

TOMS hand-painted to be like R2D2. Nerd. Heaven. image and shoes via nerdporn on Etsy

You wouldn’t normally associate “badass” and “jewelry,” but these pieces would make even the daintiest of proper ladies into badass mo’fos. Black Skull Necklace – UntamedMenagerie on Etsy Wolf Skull Necklace with Articulated Jaw – billyblue22 on Etsy Alexander McQueen Conjoined Skull Pendant Necklace – Neiman Marcus Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Skull Pendant […]