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Poor Jon. Also, [amazon_link id=”B003Y5HWMW” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Game of Thrones[/amazon_link]¬†is fecking awesome. source unknown

As if the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle video wasn’t Awesome enough, the end of the video features a same-sex couple getting married. I mean… just… love. So there’s also some inter-species and inter-food group love happening, too, but let’s not go that far with our “Love is Love” campaign today. image via Think Progress, credit […]

Pretty much, the best love story ever. And guys, if you pay close attention and learn, you’ll get lucky. Promise.

I like this theory and, to me, it makes a whole lot of sense. Noah’s Posse TOTALLY crushed the Dinosaur Gang. Source: IMGUR