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Awesome Photographs

Don’t stare too long or it eats your soul. via

This year’s Kardashian-Jenner Khristmas Kard features teen side boob, not a single fat roll, and enough Botox to smooth a Shar-Pei’s face. Kardashian Kard 2011 |¬†Kardashian Kard 2010 via Kim Kardashian

Lordy, I love a good viral sensation, especially when it involves a rogue animal. Unfortunately, Carl the Lost-At-Ikea Monkey won’t get to be as famous as the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra, but at least we’ll have the 24 hours he spent out on the town as a remembrance. A five-month-old monkey that became an internet sensation […]

The best thing about this photobomb is the tongues hanging out of both dogs’ mouths. Giggity. via buzzfeed