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Awesome Bacon

Can bacon really go too far? Like a bacon tie? Or a bacon koozie? Or bacon wrapping paper? Hell-to-the-NO, bacon cannot go too far. Happy Father’s Day, bacon lovers. This is your Christmas. Perpetual Kid

via Cali Lewis

Because there just isn’t enough fodder for which to make fun of Americans, Jack in the Box announced the Bacon Milkshake. The worst part: there won’t be actual BACON in the BACON milkshake. They will be using BACON SYRUP in lieu of actual BACON in the BACON MILKSHAKE. Made with real vanilla ice cream, bacon […]

I actually contacted the crafter to compliment her on this AWESOME BACON SCARF.  And, well… turns out it’s not actually supposed to look like bacon.  That seriously makes me love it even more.  Accidental bacon scarf for the WIN. [Source: mizalizamade]