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Awesome Food

No one likes to be the cranker of the homemade ice cream maker. NO ONE.

I don’t know what’s wrong with you people who don’t like Nutella. Just the same as I don’t get you people who don’t like peanut butter. If I didn’t insult 1/2 the world by saying it, I’d call you all weirdos. But I don’t like beer, so feel free to make me the subject of […]

I’m not sure whether to mark this as the End Of Days or to rejoice in the Kit Kat Pops deliciousness. Unfortunately, these pretty babies are only available at Pizza Hut Middle East locations for now. But I’m predicting that in 20 years, the US will fall to 2nd place behind the collective Mid East […]

More jam mom. Oh yes. Spread that Shit all over via Imgur