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Awesome Stuffs

Skin’s brother, Dick, has been discovered. via hockeymandad image credit unknown [amazon_carousel widget_type="Bestsellers" width="400" height="140" title="" market_place="US" shuffle_products="False" show_border="False" browse_node="" search_index="Books" /]

Considering I have a Shit List on Twitter, I need this actual Shit List in my office. image credit:

Our Awesome friend, Cindy, brought something incredibly Awesome to our attention. You see that graphic over —> there? That Awesome graphic that lets you visitors know that what you’re going to experience here on our weblog will entice your senses? That graphic we paid for with our hard-earned money? It seems the fine chocolatiers at […]

We know it’s a little late to order these gems in time for TODAY, but you can still be a cheapskate and email this to your lover. Buy one of these cards at our friend, Robin’s, Etsy store.