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Awesome Shopping

Now that Black Friday has made itself into its own holiday, I’m ready to celebrate. But first, I’m gorging on several pounds of grey turkey and gravy-ladened mashed potatoes because I’m a red-blooded American with feelings that need to be suppressed. Luckily for us Americans and Canadians whom I hear are getting in on the […]

SCOUT by Bungalow is a crazy-fun place to find totes, bags, storage items, and lunch bags. It’s pretty much an organized lady’s dreamboat fantasy. Now through Thursday, July 26th, the Scoutlet (that’s Scout Outlet for the lay person) is open and selling out quickly. Get on your shopping now, friends. SCOUT Original Dean-O French Twist […]

Apparently, Beer Shorts “change your life forever.” Is there any other product that can make that bold of a statement? Clearly not. And because it’s cumbersome to both keep track of 2 beers AND love on your dog, Beer Shorts have come to rescue you. ¬†images via Beer Shorts

What better way to show your love to the mother (or really, any woman) in your life than to give her a beautiful Star Wars bag? I mean, really. There’s nothing better. Star Wars Handbags available on