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Awesome Sexing

For when you want to tell your special Dom that you’re accepting all of their rules, give them the un-Hallmark card that says it all in 2 words. I’m yours. Now I feel like yelling to no one in particular, “[amazon_link id=”B001AQT0Z4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]BRING OUT THE GIMP![/amazon_link]” available from maybeyoushoulddie on Etsy

It will fit. via IMGUR

Winning the hearts and minds of progressive women everywhere. Best way to keep women from stealing the public’s money to pay for all their whoring: mandatory vasectomies. @michaelianblack screencap via Twitter, @michaelianblack

dear valentine, i hope you washed your crotch… via lemonswithapea on Etsy