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Awesome Internet

The newly released cover to the Harry Potter book series is here, and between you and me, it looks vaguely familiar. For the real new Harry Potter cover, go here.

How did we even LIVE like this? Where are the sliders? The social media links? The tiled, picture-heavy articles? Thought I do kind of miss the html tables with bright blue underlined hyperlinks. Cached site images via Wayback Machine

Lordy, I love a good viral sensation, especially when it involves a rogue animal. Unfortunately, Carl the Lost-At-Ikea Monkey won’t get to be as famous as the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra, but at least we’ll have the 24 hours he spent out on the town as a remembrance. A five-month-old monkey that became an internet sensation […]

If the President is re-elected 8 million Americans will be unemployed 8 million and one.