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Awesome Infographics

Nintendo RULZ! [amazon_carousel widget_type=”SearchAndAdd” width=”600″ height=”200″ title=”Nintendo” market_place=”US” shuffle_products=”False” show_border=”False” keywords=”nintendo” browse_node=”” search_index=”All” /] Created by: P.S. I am a #NintendoEnthused Brand Ambassador, but this infographic has absolutely nothing to do with my relationship with Nintendo. I just think it’s incredibly Awesome.

Charge up your batteries, friends, because it’s time to talk about SEX TOYS! P.S. In 1918, the Sears Robuck catalog sold an electric vibrator 9 years before it sold an electric vacuum and 10 years before an electric iron. …here’s betting your great grandma got off with a vibrator. Presented by Adam & Eve – […]

…and therefore gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry? click on graphic for larger view source unknown via Awesome friend, Brittany

If you’re new to the story of [amazon_link id=”0743273567″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Great Gatsby[/amazon_link]¬†(you’re either in high school or you totally cheated on the test in high school *ahem*), here’s a quick & easy reference guide to the characters. via