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Awesome Gifts for Men

Surprise, surprise. You HAVE a father! (Say it in your best Maury voice for better effect.) Or, at some time before you came to being you did. Or maybe you have a baby daddy? Some kind of fatherly figure? A grandpappy? SOMEONE you call “Daddy“? Anyway, he needs a Father’s Day gift. June 17th is […]

Some of us have only dreams of being organized, and some of us are actually are organized. Those organized people probably have actual calendars and agendas and keep track of their lists. For those of us procrastinators who don’t already have agendas and calendars and places to keep important papers, momAgenda put many of their […]

Stocking stuffer gifts for a twisted brother-in-law or any other twisted family member or friend. iPlunge Phone Stand $5.99 Jesus Bandages $3.99 Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer $4.99 Gummy Bacon $4.99  A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Nightlight $9.99   More weird, twisted gift ideas from Perpetual Kid.

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