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Awesome Home Gifts

When you know your stuff is crap, label it so.

My dad is known for being crotchety and opinionated. It’s almost endearing if it wasn’t so true. Yesterday, I overheard him say that the Tervis cups he has are, “The best cups ever made.” I know you probably don’t know my dad, but with his seal of approval, you have to believe that it takes […]

My love of these underwater dogs photos is well-documented. And now we can all have our own coffee table book and calendar of the crazy photos, which is really the perfect gift idea for the person who has everything but needs nothing. Underwater Dogs Book Underwater Dogs 2013 Wall Calendar

SCOUT by Bungalow is a crazy-fun place to find totes, bags, storage items, and lunch bags. It’s pretty much an organized lady’s dreamboat fantasy. Now through Thursday, July 26th, the Scoutlet (that’s Scout Outlet for the lay person) is open and selling out quickly. Get on your shopping now, friends. SCOUT Original Dean-O French Twist […]