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Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If only I could go back 10+ years and get The Pregnancy Book for Men for my own Baby Daddy. But 10+ years ago, life wasn’t as funny as it is now.

Shop Zappos for free overnight shipping on apparel! Yes, basically, you get clothes delivered to your doorstep TOMORROW* FOR FREE. [*You don’t think Zappos would be shipping your clothes to you tomorrow if today was Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, do you? You’re not THAT special. Free next day shipping on apparel is available on orders […]

“Your dad is a major nerd,” says obviously jealous asshole. “HELL YEAH, my dad is a major nerd. He can blow shit up because he’s like Bill Nye the Science Guy ON CRACK,” you respond. If this pretend conversation is one you’ve had, these Awesome Science Things are perfect to give your dad/husband/baby daddy/grandpappy for […]

It’s a proven fact that all men love movies. Don’t try to argue with me; it is what it is. Since all (or most) dads are men, all dads love movies. Logic, man. At a loss for what you’re going to get for that special dude for Father’s Day? Since all men and dads love […]