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Awesome Canada

Lordy, I love a good viral sensation, especially when it involves a rogue animal. Unfortunately, Carl the Lost-At-Ikea Monkey won’t get to be as famous as the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra, but at least we’ll have the 24 hours he spent out on the town as a remembrance. A five-month-old monkey that became an internet sensation […]

Gay marriage is also legal in Canada, which makes America the straight meat in a big gay sandwich. – Stephen Colbert image via The Colbert Report; meme creator unknown

I went to someecards looking for an appropriately funny Canada Day card to share here this morning. Unfortunately for this ignorant Southern American, someecards’ selection of 12 whole cards celebrating Canada Day did nothing for my education on what exactly the day celebrates. This is the only remotely funny and educational-ish card on someecards. Someone […]

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