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Awesome Absurdity

“What is this interesting food product? However do I eat this dog that is hot?” “Oops! I squeezed my taco!”   “OH SHIT. Three bags of Cheetos down the drain.”   “I have a poltergeist in my cabinet!” for more HIGHlarious infomercial gifs

This year’s Kardashian-Jenner Khristmas Kard features teen side boob, not a single fat roll, and enough Botox to smooth a Shar-Pei’s face. Kardashian Kard 2011 |¬†Kardashian Kard 2010 via Kim Kardashian

“Because if a kangaroo, koala, and monkey can surf, why NOT an alpaca?” Source: via Shana on Pinterest   Video on YouTube

For all the love that is holy in this world, someone please tell me this is a prank or joke or straight from The Onion. thanks to Awesome friend, Daisy, for this link