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5 Kitchen Appliances To Make Us Fatter And Happier

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I call them little tastes of Sweet Swaddled Baby Jeesus in a Manger, or you may call them Pigs in a Blanket. Whatever you want to call them, there is an actual Pigs in a Blanket maker and it needs to be on my kitchen counter.

Plus, it’s on sale for only $5 today. FIVE DOLLARS. It’s like Perpetual Kid and the real Sweet Swaddled Baby Jeesus in a Manger wants me to have it in my kitchen.

Perpetual Kid has even more tempting food-making appliances. Someone please buy them all for me. Like, yesterday.

No Fry Corn Dog Maker

Mini Donut Maker

Mini Pie Maker

Stuffed Cake Pop Maker

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