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Yo mama’s got game!

Get your mom/wife/baby mama a fun game that’s not for you. It’s her day, not yours, jerk.

Or maybe she’s not selfish and wants to play a game with the family.

The game Dixit is one for the whole family, even if your family includes monkeys, great-grandmas, or both. Not only will the kiddies learn some art appreciation, they’ll totally learn how to tell a story. It’s great for their future as storytellers or liars. And because it only takes about 30-45 minutes to play, moms with ADD will totally be able to sit through a whole game!

Dixit 2 Expansion Set
Dixit Odyssey

If your mom/wife/baby mama is anything like my grandma, she loves playing video games. Let’s pretend that up until now, you’ve been a horrible daughter/husband/baby daddy and haven’t yet given her a Nintendo 3DS, so now’s the time to catch up and get her one.

Nintendo 3DS – Flame Red

Don’t be a dick; get mom some games for the 3DS.

If your kids are geniuses like mine, their mama will want to watch her seedlings show off their smarts with a game like Ticket To Ride. My little angels are way smart, and they totally love showing of their strategery playing this game. It’s the only way I can truly show off just how smart the creatures I birthed have become.

Ticket To Ride
Ticket To Ride – Europe
Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries
Ticket To Ride 1910 Expansion
Ticket To Ride Asia: Map Collection

What’s funnier than hearing a little kid say Smart Ass? Not much. Wrap up this game for mom to open on Sunday morning just to hear little Johnny and little Suzy say, “What’s that Smart Ass game?” OH, the LOLs!

Smart Ass