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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For A Totally Awesome Geek Mom

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It’s a special day in your lady’s year: Mother’s Day. Not sure what to get your mom/wife/baby mama? I have your Mother’s Day Gift Ideas covered!

Not that every mom isn’t totally awesome, but there are some moms who wouldn’t appreciate a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag as much as others would. The Totally Awesome Geek Mom would totally appreciate a Binary Mom t-shirt, a Wonder Woman ApronThe Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, or a gift basket with a pixelated flower pot.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

The Totally Awesome Mom appreciates geekery more than say, the Stepford Wife, though I highly doubt the Stepford Wife’s relations even know this website exists, so let’s assume the mom you’re buying for is Totally Awesome.

Binary Mom

Wonder Woman Apron

The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook

We Did the Work For You Mother’s Day Tin
We Did the Work For You Mother's Day Tin