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How To Survive Living Here On Planet Hoth

in Awesome Eff Yeah,Awesome Star Wars

For those of you Awesome friends snowed in, we found some tips on how to survive in your Hoth-like neighborhood.

How To Survive Living Here On Planet Hoth

  • If coming from Echo Base, try to make it to the first marker
  • If your Taun-Taun freezes, slice it open and stay warm inside. It may smell bad, but at least it’s shelter (I guess it’s better than a Sarlace pit…)
  • Watch out for Wampas
  • Starbucks is a Neutral Zone! We welcome rebels and imperial fighters. There is ample parking for speeders and please keep At-At’s on a leash.

Or go without the smell, and get a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag on

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

image via Reddit from an Arctic Canadian Starbucks