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French Fries Breakdown

in Awesome Food,Decidedly NOT Awesome

From what this photo appears to show, the McDonald’s fries and the KFC fries were enclosed on the same date in 2008 with different decomposition results.

As an extra in the DVD version of his documentary, [amazon_link id=”B003TNQ0QS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Super Size Me[/amazon_link], Morgan Spurlock conducted an unscientific experiment where he put McDonald’s food under glass enclosures along with other “real” restaurant foods. The result was that the McDonald’s food looked more like the originally-purchased foods and the other restaurant’s foods had broken down.

I’m no scientist and I can’t verify the legitimacy of this photo, but HOT DAMN. I may have McDonald’s fries living in my digestive tract.

image via IMGUR