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5 Favorite Ways George Lucas Killed the Star Wars Nerd

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The nerds are revolting against Emperor Lucas at the dawn of the blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga collection. It seems Mr. Lucas has gone and made some changes to the original films, and because the changes don’t include killing off JarJar Binks in Episode 1, the nerds are fighting back.

The blu-ray edition hasn’t even yet been released, but die-hard fans are letting their voices be heard. On the listing for the Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray], fans are overwhelmingly rating the box set with 1 star, pulling the beloved movies down to a 2/5 star rating. Star Wars fans are saying one thing: Don’t mess with our movies, even you, Emperor Palpatine Lucas.

Marty McFly shot first! via Reddit

Product placement makes its way into Star Wars via BuzzFeed

Lucas Head Moons of Tatooine via Liz Page & Mat Langley

 Vader kills JarJar – I think this one wouldn’t have complaints via BuzzFeed

 Chewy looking snazzy in his preppy chinos via Huffington Post


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