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The Canadian Tuxedo

in Awesome Clothing,Awesome Learning

It’s come to our attention very recently that some of us had our heads stuck up our arses and didn’t know what a Canadian Tuxedo was.

Oh Sweet Baby Jeesus, are we embarrassed having not known about the great fashion statement, The Canadian Tuxedo. Thanks to our friend Jenny Grace, we’ve been schooled, and now you know, too.

If Kanye can sport the Canadian Tuxedo, SO CAN WE.

That slimebag, John Edwards, is ready for his ladies.

Happy men love their denim cuffs!

Vintage Britney & Justin knew their fashion.

Get your company's logo on the breast of your Canadian Tuxedo for added flair.

This is a full Canadian Tuxedo for your local Gay Pride Parade. (bulge not included)

image credits unknown via Google Images, The Firefighter’s Daughters