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GIVEAWAY: Most Awesome T-Shirts

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Whether you think they’re a hipster trend, something for frat boys, or for dressing the simple-minded, we here at The Awesome love our ironic and funny t-shirts. We love our funny shirts so much that our very own Aunt Becky wants to give away one of her fancy frocks.

Aren’t you special?


Aunt Becky's "Purple Should Be a Flavor, Dammit!"

Angie actually own this

Angie actually wear this

Chibi thinks this is just what every straight girl and gay boy needs.

Casey can answer this

Chibi dreams of having this shirt.

Ironically, Casey paid $50 for this

Angie actually saw a guy with his family wearing this

Because you ARE special, We Know Awesome and Aunt Becky are giving away a very special Aunt Becky t-shirt. The winner of the random drawing will chose their favorite Aunt Becky shirt, send Aunt Becky their home address, hope Aunt Becky isn’t in a mood to send bags of poo to your front door, and wait for your very own, brand new Aunt Becky-created t-shirt.

Two ways to enter:

Leave a comment telling us which Aunt Becky shirt (or any of these shirts) is your favorite in the Facebook comments for an entry.
Leave a comment telling us which Aunt Becky shirt (or any of these shirts) is your favorite in the blog comments for an entry.

TWO different commenters will be chosen to win one of THESE Aunt Becky shirts (CLICK TO SEE) (not one of the others, crazy kids) of their choice. One comment per commenting method allowed per person.  (Example: one comment via Facebook comments, one comment via blog comments per person) Giveaway value approx $20.

Giveaway will end Wednesday, April 20th, 9am EST. Winners will be notified via email, Facebook, and an update on this post.

Good luck, Awesome people!

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Comments Closed

  • Josh Curcio

    Definitely laser cat eyes…

  • Carrie

    I want a shut your whore mouth shirt so bad, but I need a 3x and I want it in purple, not plain black! *sad face*

  • pamela

    The SYWM one, of course! Classic!

    Every time I go to the site to buy one, they never have small.

  • Laura

    Definitely Shut Your Whore Mouth. I think that LOUDLY a thousand times a day!

  • kadield

    Scratch my last comment please :D

    Purple should be a flavor, yo.

  • retsnom_Adedekutsu

    The one with laser eyes, of course! ^^

  • Liz Singh

    I love the “cheap” one. Not to mention the irony of the possibility of winning a free 50$ shirt that says cheap. It’s like triple swirl irony.


  • Cissa Fireheart

    I should be in the kitchen, fo’ sho’! ;P
    Cissa Fireheart recently posted…This is not NoVA Con 2011 Recap!

    • Tasha

      Cancer is bulls#*t would be the shirt I chose. I lost both of my parents to cancer. And seriously, not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself (and often comment loudly) that cancer is quite the bulls#*t. Being in your 30′s is too young to be an orphan.

  • Chibi Jeebs

    Also? It’s my birthday in three days: consider it your birthday gift to me! *snort*
    Chibi Jeebs recently posted…Phoning it in Friday

  • Meg

    I would LOVE a shut your whore mouth shirt.

  • Annajoy

    It would have to be the purple one because when I grow up I want to wear purple (love that poem)! Although that doesn’t mean I have to grow up yet does it?

    Although, being a brit. it would be fun explaining the spelling error all the time! I can see the conversation already – that is how Aunt Becky spells it, so it is perfectly acceptable. What do you mean you didn’t know I had an Aunt Becky? Everyone, who is anyone knows Aunt Becky!

  • Krystal

    It’s a total toss up between Whore Mouth and Not Your Bitch. They are both fucking awesome!

  • Bejewell

    If you didn’t choose the laser cat tee here, I don’t even want to know you.

  • Lauren

    The Shut Your Whore Mouth shirt. So much. Because so many people should.
    Lauren recently posted…full of meat pies and radical life changes

  • NTE

    You mean purple isn’t a flavor already? I would definitely pick that one.

  • Katie

    my soul needs a shut your whore mouth shirt.

  • karla anne

    oh god i want the “i should be in the kitchen” one so bad. sexism is heeeeelarious!

  • Robyn Fleming

    Definitely the Shut Your Whore Mouth shirt… I’ve been lusting after one for a while now.

  • Mommy Boots

    It’s a toss up between SYWM and Ante, Christ. Both are fabulous.
    Mommy Boots recently posted…Your Baby is Walking OMG! Congratulations! Your Life is Over

  • rockle

    “shut your whore mouth.” i might even read that one to work. maybe.
    rockle recently posted…Youth Soccer

  • Ewokmama

    Am I eligible? I totally want to win. I love “Shut Your Whore Mouth” and would indeed wear it.

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