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The Secrets and Lies of Girl Scout Cookies EXPOSED

in Awesome Food,Decidedly NOT Awesome

How DARE they…

*Editor’s note: The term “bitches” is in reference to the packagers of the Girl Scout cookies above. We are in no way referencing Girl Scouts, those little angels of cookie mercy, as the B-word.

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via @hockeymandad

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  • Anon

    Girls that are part of Girl Scouts as children are 85% more likely to grow up into whores. True fact look it up

    • Anony

      85% of statistics are made up on the spot

      • Anonym

        85% of women posting in comments sections of websites are, or used to be, girl scout whores.

        • Anonymo

          85% of commenters just want to get to the end of the word anonymous

          • anonymos


          • Anonymous

            85% of all people can’t spell anonymous.

  • Suzy

    dont forget about how the cookies taste like crap. they are doing you a favor giving you less.

    • Chelsea


  • Chelsea’s Mom

    85% of Chelseas don’t know the meaning of the word ‘communist’.