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The Sanctity of Marriage: No for Gays, Yay for Celebrities? Edition

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  • Logan

    I don’t support gay marriage — nor do I oppose it — but I wholeheartedly approve of this message. Society is a disease.

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  • David

    Years ago, people who claimed to be “in love” with someone of the same sex was put into an institution and treated with drugs for a chemical imbalance. We still do that to pedophiles, rapists, and murders.

    Now we laud gays in the media by celebrating them and pushing to give them the right to “marry.” Where does it end?

    How long until we are allowing some 50 year old pervert to “marry” a 12 year old girl (or boy)? How long until we grant the “right to rape” because the girl was too appealing? How long until we say, “oh, it’s your right to murder as long as you have a good reason?”

    Enough is enough! Put these sickos back into straight jackets where they belong!