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Glamour Shots: 10 Photos That Should Have Been Refunded Edition

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The ’90s were a time of grunge music, Ross & Rachel, and going to the mall to get the most ridiculous photograph taken of yourself that will eventually end up on the internet as the butt of jokes.

The hazy vignette, the airbrushed face, the off-the-shoulder feather boa – they’re all identifiers of the Glamour Shots photo. Not a single picture sitting on a fireplace mantle ever looked like the subject of the photo, but somehow, nearly every girl (and some boys?) aged 10 to 90 felt the need to walk in off the carpets of the mall to get their Glamour Shot taken.

Here is the evidence:

The Sleepy Tigress

Classic Glamour Shot

The Goody-Two-Shoes

The Barbara Walters Fuzzy Haze in a Blanket of Feathers

Leigh Ann's Glamour Shot - Old Scans

The Sexy Aunt

The Red on Red Minx with Peek-a-Boo Sexy Shoulder

The Real Estate Agent Vixen

The Sisters... FROM THE FUTURE OF 1995

The, "Look! I'm-Not-Wearing-a-Bra, Fella!"

The Most Dangerous Grandma EVER

No collection of insane Glamour Shots would be complete without The Unicorn: The Best Fake Glamour Shot Ever.

The Unicorn

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Enter your best/worst Glamour Shot (does not have to be an actual Glamour Shot from Glamour Shot – just Glamour Shot-ish) using the Linky below. Entry is open until midnight EST on March 15th. Our editors will select the best/worst Glamour Shot-ish photo to win a $25 gift certificate to

Awwww yeah… Now get to entering!

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