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The Wolf Shirt Phenomena takes to the road.

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The Wolf Shirt is a phenomena. Our own Aunt Becky is inspired every day by the Awesome that is the 3 Wolves Shirt.

The Wolf Shirt is no longer enough. The phenomena has grown into a full-blown epidemic, but we’re seeing a pattern of where the fine people of America put their Spirit Animal.

Better than a wolf shirt

God Bless America and the Wolf

Wolf shirt? Pfft! Wolf CAR!

This guy paid a LOT of money for this. That's dedication.

Two Wolf Moon Truck Window

The only sighting of a gay wolf... that we know.

Three Wolf Truck

The ghostly white wolf.


They didn't have the passion for wolves to paint it on the car. Amateurs.

Wolf Truck

He seems to be saying, "Hey, you. Have some meat?"

Photo credits can be found by linking from the individual photos from Flickr.

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