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14 Best of the Worst Funny Pregnancy Photos

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It’s a joyous time for most women when her belly swells with a baby inside.

She’s growing to the size of a baby whale, eating bags full of Oreos, complaining of swollen cankles, all while exhibiting that certain “pregnancy glow” that begs to be photographed in The Pregnancy Portrait.

It’s the obligatory “look at my baby belly!” and “I have an adoring baby daddy!” photograph where women need to have proof in pictures that never make it off of the nursery wall.

So why not get creative with your maternity portrait? Go nuts! Be original! You’re the prettiest pregnant lady ever!

(Hint: If you’ve found this blog by searching for “pregnant or maternity photo ideas,” take these to your photographer as a DON’T.”)

And it’s at that point in their pregnancies when these ladies think these photos are a good idea. The point when they’re done thinking and have lost their minds:

Embarazo Luzmaria 09

The Bunny Montage!

Morgan & David Maternity Outtake

The Jerk-off Baby Daddy!


She's Giving Birth to a Stick Figure Laser Baby RIGHT NOW!

Embarazo Luzmaria 010

The Janet Jackson Hand Bra! aka, She's Birthing a Flower!

Week 32 - Pregnant in sympathy (studio fun)

Baby Daddy Has a Baby Belly, Too!

Pregnancy Portrait III

Her Boobs Shoot Sunshine!

Not so classical portrait

Sunflower Mom Gives Birth to Sunflower Baby!


She's Calm in a Black Forest of Falling Leaves!

Self Portrait With Baby's Belly

Baby Daddy Can Over-Photoshop!

She’s Showing Us How They Made the Baby!
Removed at the request of the  owner. Find it here >>> Flickr

Belly Bunny

She's a Pregnant Minxy Snow Bunny!


Holy SHIT! She's Transparent!

Pregnant Henna

Her Spirit Animal is Orange Vines!

The photo “Mama’s Got a Gun” was removed at the request of the photographer. See it here.

Many thanks to Casey for introducing us to the magic of the Funniest Pregnancy Photos on Flickr.

If you know of some other pregnancy photo gems, PLEASE send them our way.

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  • Neeroc

    OMG I think the pregnancy crazy has finally left me! I just look at these and keep thinking why does it always have to be a bare belly? Why oh why can’t they cover it up. Believe me, I’m not a prude, I just think some of these are really awkward. I mean, do you walk around with your shirt unbuttoned and your belly sticking out? Then why photograph it that way?
    Personally, I think the sympathy pregnancy pic idea is cute, I’ve seen lots of my friends do this with their husbands, and not one of them bared their belly to do it.

    • Perfection Queenie

      i don’t think its awkward at all i actually thought the one said as ‘over photoshopped’ was hot.
      alright i do paint my tummy and photoshop my pictures to give better lighting because i don’t have all the nice cameras but thank god i’m not like you i don’t bitch about other peoples photo’s i’m sure they are embarressed of their pregnancy photos now, so lets all forget about them.

      • antoinette

        I bet your one of those people who think a pregnant women shouldnt be in a two piece either. The is a new era of showing off your belly. I do agree though some of the pictures where a little off the chain and tasteless

  • Robin Plemmons

    I have a couple things to say about this. First, bahahahaaahahaa! Second, if you’re going to have your dude cup your tits, at least make him LIFT those things up a little, you know? Thirdly, I’m having a hard time believing that the guy with the “baby belly” actually gets to have sex with that clearly more attractive woman. Fourthies, the chick with the sunflower has HUGE ASS hands.

    • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

      the hands? creepy. major creep.

  • Lin

    Wow…these are sorta creepy. I have to say the photos with the dudes holding the girls’ boobies are super gross. And the one with the couple sporting the white sheets around their waists look like they’re about to get it on again. Totally awkward.

  • Lin

    Wow…these are sorta creepy. I have to say the photos with the dudes holding the girls’ boobies are super gross. And the one with the couple sporting the white sheets around their waists look like they’re about to get it on again. Totally awkward.

  • Seeingorange

    Pregnant Chicken did a wicked compilation of pregnancy photos like this a few months ago. It’s hysterical too!

    • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

      LOVE that post.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my…two words, HOT MESS. And the transparent one was just plain scary. Except the one with the daddy’s gut, now that was kind of funny!

  • Modernmom

    Oh dear…..

  • Alexandria Campbell

    those are like awesomely bad.

  • Becky

    Love the sunflower one. At least she has enough shame to cover her face…

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  • Mrs. Call Me Crazy

    This is WHY I never took these types of photos. I NEVER want my children to see Daddy honking on Mommy’s boobs.

  • Misspeppermint

    HA HA HA HA HA I needed a good laugh, great post! I would be totally mortified if my parents ever had photos like these.
    Additionally, WHO SITS THERE AND SAYS…..



    SOOOOooooOOOOOOOO glad I did not do something that would mortify my children or my grandmother!

  • Veronica

    The transparent one freaked me out. I mean, no. Just NO.

  • Yosoynatalierrr


  • Natalie

    I’m already grossed out by mothers caressing their stomachs in public and having their husbands do the same thing in public, but these just make it worse. I HATE when people take pictures like that, especially if they’re displayed for everyone to see. I will never take pictures like these, it makes everything so awkward for everyone. I have to say though, even though I was grossed out, I still got a laugh.