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A Name Necklace Like No Other

in Awesome Stuffs

It wasn’t too long ago that I mentioned that I needed a necklace. Jewelry with my name on it. In sparkles.

For the amount of tacky on the internet, a sparkly name necklace is a shockingly hard combination to come up with.

When I was contacted by My Name Necklace, I was pretty stoked. I mean, a NAME NECKLACE that says AUNT BECKY with a Twitter @ sign on it? That’s PURE AWESOME. (They have, of course, jewelry and necklaces that do not say “Aunt Becky” because otherwise, that might be a bit awkward)

Custom Name Necklace Jewelry

Aunt Becky Necklace = Awesome

I wear my Aunt Becky Name Necklace Jewelry CONSTANTLY. I am wearing it right now.

Because wearing your name around your neck? Full of the awesome.

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  • Lindsay Goldner

    Oh my god. Did you see this one on their site??

    I need that. Now.

  • Becky

    And useful! You know, for when you get a little TOO into Wine Party and can’t remember which one is you!

  • Elle @

    That is so sweet! ! What an awesome necklace!

  • Lance

    my wife – also an Aunt Becky follower – @deana_bo is going to freak over that necklace. Imagine rappers and ballplayers wearing those.