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Totsy: An awesome place to buy awesome kids stuffs.

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If you’ve heard of or participated in Ideeli or a site like Ideeli and/or if you have kids or buy for kids, you’ll want to check out Totsy. Totsy is a discount site for kids toys, clothes, and stuffs that offers extreme sales for a limited time.

Totsy is having an extreme toy sale for those who like to shop early for kid’s holiday gifts, their own or otherwise. I’ve had the chance to shop at Totsy and from my own experience, I’d highly suggest buying now to have the toy you’re buying arrive by Christmas. Delivery time is quoted as 3-5 weeks for most products, so make sure you order ASAP.

But the deals may be worth the delivery wait:

$257.14 Totsy Price ($369.95 Original)

$15.00 Totsy Price ($25.00 Original)

$5.00 Totsy Price ($10.00 Original)

These particular items and deals may not be available when you visit the site (as they expire within 4 days after they’re posted), but there are tons of other toy sales and deals on Totsy. Plus, you can earn $15 in Totsy credit when friends sign up and make a purchase with your Totsy account link.

Disclaimer: I was provided a store credit for tell you about Totsy.