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Did you know “they” added a FIFTH ocean?

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When we grew up, we learned there are 7 continents and 4 oceans.


Not five, but FOUR.

Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian.

But now, there’s a fifth: the Southern Ocean.


I’m totally not scamming you. It’s for real.

Fifth Ocean

They, those magical geographers and science people in the sky, decided to make a whole other ocean way down there in Antarctic Penguin & Whale Land, and they didn’t bother to tell us.

Don’t they realize we need this information to win at Trivial Pursuit? Don’t they realize we don’t want to look like friggin losers in front of our children when they come home with a question about FRIGGIN OCEANS and we argue with our kids that they are wrong but really WE are wrong?

Thanks, right-wing Fox left-wing hippie liberal media elite for keeping this information from us thus making us look like douchebags in front of our kids.

Why is this Awesome? Because, YOU’RE WELCOME that I do this research for you.

source: Wikipedia, NOT the media