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Did you know “they” added a FIFTH ocean?

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When we grew up, we learned there are 7 continents and 4 oceans.


Not five, but FOUR.

Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian.

But now, there’s a fifth: the Southern Ocean.


I’m totally not scamming you. It’s for real.

Fifth Ocean

They, those magical geographers and science people in the sky, decided to make a whole other ocean way down there in Antarctic Penguin & Whale Land, and they didn’t bother to tell us.

Don’t they realize we need this information to win at Trivial Pursuit? Don’t they realize we don’t want to look like friggin losers in front of our children when they come home with a question about FRIGGIN OCEANS and we argue with our kids that they are wrong but really WE are wrong?

Thanks, right-wing Fox left-wing hippie liberal media elite for keeping this information from us thus making us look like douchebags in front of our kids.

Why is this Awesome? Because, YOU’RE WELCOME that I do this research for you.

source: Wikipedia, NOT the media

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  • Momma Chaos

    Dude! Thanks for telling me, now I wont have to look stupid when one of my many kids comes home and tries to argue it on me.. Hmm, I might just have to argue it with the teen just to see if she knows it.. It’s always fun when Mom knows something before the teen does! Yes!!
    Momma Chaos recently posted…Surgery again part 1

    • AngiePangie

      follow up with “neener neener neeeeeneerrrr”

  • Becky

    if “they” can take away a planet from us, then it stands to reason “they” can add an ocean. Wait until they rename the days of the week.

    • AngiePangie

      awwww shits. watch out.

  • toywithme

    Asshats!! Two can play this game. I’m going to create my own freaking magical island full of fairies, chocolate waterfalls, rainbow colored unicorns, and cover it all with glitter, oh, and it will be invisible to “them”.
    toywithme recently posted…Win a LELO INA!

    • AngiePangie

      i’m moving in.

  • Val Payne

    First “they” take Plutos’s planethood away and now this? “They”ve gone too far. Too far.

    • AngiePangie

      too far, dude. too far.

  • Sheila

    Dude. I *did* look stupid when my kid brought home a fifth ocean on his “label the globe” project.

    So they took away Pluto as a planet and gave us another ocean? This doesn’t seem like a very fair trade.

    • AngiePangie

      i want pluto back.

  • Jenna

    And, just to fuck your shit up even further, there are about 500 dinosaurs now. I think there were 5 when I was little. (I downloaded a dinosaur app so that I can start studying up now and not look like an ass when my kid starts bringing science projects home with Micropachycephalosaurus, Eustreptospondylus and Pachycephalosaurus.)

    AND, Brontosaurus (one of the original 5) no longer exists. Or, rather, his NAME is extinct. He goes by “Apatosaurus” these days. [insert big WTF]