America Fuck Yeah Shirt

Second Amendment

Robert E Lee Secede

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Thrift Shop Sign

We sell your grand dads clothes you will look incredible

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“That’s how I got started: Driving a golf cart, then golf got in the way.” – Bubba Watson

Bubba Hover

via Engadget

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“What is this interesting food product? However do I eat this dog that is hot?”

Lady Eating Hotdog Wrong

“Oops! I squeezed my taco!”

Eating Taco


“OH SHIT. Three bags of Cheetos down the drain.”

Cheetos Moron


“I have a poltergeist in my cabinet!”

Tupperware Launch

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I’ve never hated a character more than I hate Joffrey Baratheon. The fact that he’s an inbred piece of dogshite just makes it easier to mock his every being.

Joffrey Inbred Sandwich

If he was anymore inbred
he would be a sandwich

via memegenerator

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